Sunday, 25 August 2013

Our experience at Phuket Fit

After traveling through South East Asia, we heard about Phuket Fit from some people we met had just come from there. It sounded like something we were both really needed and a lot of fun too.

We flew into Phuket international airport and were met at the airport by a Phuket Fit employee. They were very nice and we weren't charged for the taxi there.

We didn't have to wait or anything which was good, although we did hear from one guest that the driver was late for them. And because they didn't take down the Phuket Fit office number they had to wait for 30 minutes which was a bit scary for them. We had the number from the final email they sent.

If there's one thing we both have learned from travelling, it's make sure you are fully prepared before you leave. Phone numbers, addresses etc can save you a lot of time scariness!

The next morning we went to the front desk where we were met for a welcome meeting and introduced to everyone. Everyone was really nice and friendly and although we weren't introduced to everyone, we ended up meeting everyone in the end.

The fitness classes are really good with a guy from england. He's like a military type guy and he really pushes you. but we still felt like he was pushing us to our personal level and not just pushing everyone hard.

I actually had been suffering with a problem with my achilles tendon so couldn't go as hard as I would have always liked to. I had spoken to them before starting which is highly recommended if you have an injury or something like that.

The food was really delicious although there are times of the day where everyone goes to get something to eat at the same time which means that there are times where it took time to be served.

The mistake we made was sometimes going to the restaurant too close to having a training session and then turning up to a fitness or try class having only half digested our food. I recommend that you try and eat at least 2 hour before showing so you can train in the afternoon class.

Having spent 3 weeks at Phuket Fit we both really enjoyed our time there. Like everywhere when you travel, there are always a couple of things here and there that aren't perfect. But taking everything into account it's a really good place.

-- sent by Nadia & Paul

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